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You Just got to keep smiling Alyssa Marie

Why Our Foundation Was Started


Alyssa's avengers was created in memory of our niece Alyssa Marie. Alyssa was a fighter who fought every day to do the simple thing we take for granted....BREATHE!

Alyssa was born with Cystic Fibrosis a terminal illness that has taken way to many lives at a young age. She spent countless hours taking treatments to help keep her alive. Three times a day everyday since she was born, not to mention the long stays in the hospital time and time again. These children are fighting for their lives and this leaves almost no time to enjoy a normal childhood.

That's were we come in. Alyssa's Avengers mission is to fill this spaces so doctors and nurses can treat their body. Our "Super Heroes" will come and spend  time to fill in on those long days. If it's just to play a game, an extra set of hands, hangout or just talk while mom and dad work take care of siblings or just need a me moment.

Our goal is to let them know they are not alone and put a smile on their faces.




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